DISCIPLES (band) – Indonesia

First established on 17 February 2006, DISCIPLES pioneered Indonesian Hip Hop for Christian Music. They are the first and ONLY Christian Indonesian hip hop, rap, and R&B band.


1. Saykoji Igor (Ignatius Penyami, twitter: @saykoji): a very talented rapper, his songs, such as “Online” and “Narsis,” reflect everyday life.

2. JFlowrighthere (Joshua Matulessy, twitter: @jflowrighthere website: www.jflowrighthere.com) : a rapper and pop singer. His 1st album, “Facing Your Giants,”  contains music with Biblical lyrics and reflect his strong faith in the Lord.  His second album, “DREAMBRAVE,” including the single, “WOW,” will be released soon.

3. Guntur (Guntur Simbolon, twitter: @guntursimbolon): a pop singer. His single, “Sedikit Romantis,” is available now in the Indonesian market.

4. Rendy (Rendy Supit, twitter: @rendyboorcat)

The DISCIPLES released an album titled, “Switch,” with 15 tracks.

Unlike other bands, they are not affiliated with any recording label. They released their album through digital copies FOR FREE. Check http://www.myspace.com/disciplesindonesia for details. When asked why their whole album is free, they answered, “Since salvation is free, so is our album.”

Quoting from the “About Us” section on their MySpace page:

“Let’s make it simple. We don’t want to write a long story about us, because our music is not about us. We are only the disciples. This myspace page, its music and content, are all dedicated to the GREAT TEACHER, FRIEND, FATHER, SAVIOUR, GOD, JESUS. So here we are, some little kids from Indonesia who love rhymes, music, and above all.. GOD. Our vision is to see lots and lots of young people know more about JESUS. If you like our music, praise JESUS, because what we have (talents/skills) came from HIM. God bless you all.”


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  1. Ryan
    Aug 04, 2010 @ 15:40:51



  2. DSX MFlow
    Sep 04, 2010 @ 17:57:15

    Disciples Project is DISCONTINUED. you can check the news via their twitter.

    we are so sorry to inform this 😦


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